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YOUR relationship-s sustainably built through YOU and your story

Relationships are like a house.


Your personal dream house with all the perfect accessories.

In each room of the house you will find a different relationship of yours: with yourself, your partner, your family, your hobbies, your work, etc.


Every single room requires trust, attention, care and effort. If you neglect one of the rooms, for example the room "the relationship with your loved one", it slowly becomes cool, dark, mouldy and you want to go in less and less often because it just looks like work. How do you think your loved one feels?

Over time, you may sometimes feel misunderstood, drained & left alone - with the space? Overwhelmed by the challenges, lacking confidence & feeling frustrated, sometimes even bitter? No matter what you try, it only seems to get worse. You don't want to risk losing the people who are most important to you, be it in your personal or professional life.

But now you're at a crossroads, not knowing how to get things back on track. You're tormented by the question: "How much longer can this go on, why isn't it getting better?"

Do you want to (re-) build a fulfilling relationship with your partner, so that they choose you anew every day, so that you can trust yourself & your life together?

Open your heart to the essentials. Get completely involved in your relationship.  

Look carefully at what the room really needs and what can be removed so that you and others who live in the room with you can feel comfortable.

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Do you let the sun shine in there from time to time? Do you open the window for ventilation? Do you only clean the surfaces - alone or with your partner? Do you tidy up and sort out what can stay and what can go? Some rooms need more decoration and others need less.

Not every room wants and needs the same space.

And you may not want to spend the same amount of time in every room every day.

That's why it's important to be clear and go through life with confidence & trust. That way you give the room the right amount of attention, love, trust, honesty and commitment in return.

And that's exactly what we do at Lovingly Coaching: simple, clear & applicable methods as well as precise & empathic communication with the right tools.

We also start with the ground and the fundamental structure, not the roof.

We lay this foundation for you, so that you finally feel happy again.

Choosing The Right Partner



Dear Linna, I chose you because you are an authentic, warm person for me, so that I can always work with you on an equal footing.

You show me new perspectives

perspectives, and you lead by example with your own experiences and examples.



She always manages to hit the nail on the head with her warm, honest and emphatic manner. Through her stories from her everyday life, she makes herself into a woman who also has her issues, but doesn't stop working on herself. For me, she is a woman who is an absolute role model, because she shows us what is possible if you just want it.



(...) you can celebrate that too & By "kind" I mean that you still discuss topics that are unpleasant or difficult for me in a positive way or, in this case, accompany me to my solution. Somehow always with a smile on your face. It's a bit like how Roger Federer played tennis... hard work, but it always looked easy and relaxed.


Deeply   Loved

The simplest way to start is to get to know & understand the fundamentals. This is exactly why we created the Deeply-Loved-Workbook for you & your loved ones.


We work with it in coaching and privately within our relationships & it has been flourishing around us ever since.


Working on the English version at the moment!


Linna Füzesi

CEO, Communication & Relationship Coach
Throughout my extensive experience as a relationship coach, I have repeatedly observed the same difficulties and challenges.

Strong and beautiful women who know what they want and achieve their goals in their careers, but find themselves slipping into the role of a sergeant in their relationships. They may resort to hammering conflicts or, on the other extreme, doubt their worth, fail to set boundaries, question their feelings, focus on the negative, and lose trust in themselves and the partner they chose. They lack self-love, trust, understanding for themselves and their partner, as well as lightness and passion.

Between these two extremes, there is a vast range of colours that you can embrace and fill. Through coaching with me, you will begin to shift your perspective and develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics within yourself and in your relationships. New possibilities will unfold before you, allowing you to utilize them and create your own relationship magic, fostering connection, passion, and a true sense of teamwork.
Kommunikation lernen - Linna Füzesi

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Beziehung verbessern

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Linna Fuzesi Beziehungscoach

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7 Pillars of a Relationship

For your balance between everyday hustle and bustle, stress & an intimate love relationship with your loved one.

1. Use relationship dynamics to your advantage & that of your relationship.

2. Experience the difference healthy closeness (merging) & distance (giving space & time) make.

3. The art of letting go of your fear of loss & creating self-confidence & transforming it into your engine.

4. Taking it personally has never helped anyone, especially not you.

5. Don't take everything so seriously, then you can navigate better. How?

6. If asking was as easy as interpreting, most relationships would thrive, not fail.

7. Which part of attraction is natural & which isn't, how to get in the way & introduce it more easily will no longer be a mystery.

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