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Ancestral lineage

Some of you will foresee what's coming. Others will be surprised.

Ancestral lineage

Many people who come to me think that as a relationship coach I only coach couples.

While that is the main focus, they are right. At the same time, they are always surprised when we don't start with their partner first, but with their own patterns.

The internet is now so crowded that pretty much everyone knows it starts with you.

Easier said than done.

So we start with YOU, who you are, who you really are, who you want to be and how you perceive yourself.

We go into the patterns that you bring with you from your childhood and that may even have once had a protective function, but today turn into the opposite: namely arguments and emotional chaos.

For some, there is nothing obvious. Some start to cry because they know what has happened and have not yet put it in its place. And at this point I don't want to differentiate between genders. I have experienced it in men as well as women - let alone children & teenagers.

So if we assume that you're here with me because you have one or two issues in relationships, let's take the picture of the house.

You're still living in your parents' house, who took over from your grandparents, who passed it on from their parents.

Maybe you've even moved to a different house, but somehow it looks pretty similar to your birth home.

These are the patterns of your parents (mum & dad) that you carry with you and that they have inherited from their respective parents (2 mums and 2 dads to boot).

They are like a kind of dowry gift from life or poison what is most important to you.

So when I write or say relationship coaching, I mean the above image in my work.

In the 1:1 coaching sessions and group seminars, we work on building your home, how you feel, what really suits you. This basis can be built up first, because your partner will bring just as many broken homes or perfectly gilded mansions with them and will be able to suffer and be appreciative in their own way.

Relationship coaching with me is not just about inner child work. It is an absolute part of the foundation, but there are also various constellation formats, where we replace row and row with what we have inherited.

This is how we walk along our ancestral line, because deep inside we sense what is poisoned, hurts and is allowed to go. But we also sense the potential that lies dormant, just waiting to be recognised and used.

And that's exactly what we do, whether in individual coaching, couple coaching or business coaching, because sometimes we confuse the private and professional houses and mix things that are allowed to remain separate or keep things separate where a connection is allowed to happen.

On that note, see you soon, I look forward to seeing you.

Lovingly L


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