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Liveliness & vibrancy in your relationships at which cost?

Wie Linna & Paul feiern, dass sie sich verlobt haben

Most of us long for liveliness & vibrancy in our relationships.

And at their own expenses.

How come?

Most people are so keen on being happy like others that they follow a path from others not their own.

It is always about others.

Always about HIM.

So you will find proof and examples why it is your own path and why it is right this way, so you can bear it.

But if you do that you lose yourself.

It is not your path. You are comparing yourself again. And it is as usual about him where as it should be about you.

I used to make everything about him: be perfect, the way my exes wanted me to be and I told myself this is what I wanted. But it wasn't.

I know now that I am in a secure relationship with the first man in between boys in my life.

You know when you are with a man & not a boy playing different kind of games because he is "high value", a "pick up" or "super insecure" without wanting to let you know.

I read in a book by Esther Perel, that "you expect partnership to be a panacea against existential isolation. You see your partner as a bulwark against the vicissitudes of modern life."

But he is not!


This is not about him. Not about me.

This is about you!

You are worth it, despite of your past!

It is your time to believe and trust yourself that you can handle your decisions, that you can handle the consequences of decisions, that you can handle saying no!

If you want help with that, send me a DM.

Lets find out mor about your 1:1.

Loving L


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