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Relationships evolve. They are not linear nor static.

Relationships evolve every single day.

They suppose to because relationships are meant to be alive.

They are neither static nor linear.

Most of the people I talk to live past each other and call it relationship.

But a loving relationship, even when you have been together for years, is built on every day, small things that you do/receive and appreciate from each other.

This also means that sometimes you or your partner change due to outside factors that have an impact on your inner world.

That is normal: You are not the person you were with 15 years of age.

Or are you? Than that might be one of the bigger problems why your relationship with your partner/your husband is stagnating.

When I understood that I change even though my partner doesn't I started to communicate even more open & loving about what changed: what I don't like anymore, what I now do like.

If you don't talk about it, how are they supposed to know?

When people say, "it is boring now, how can I be interested in my partner again?" I usually say, ask them questions differently. Ask them things, that are new to you, that you don't know? Ask questions about things you know in a different way.

There is always an aspect you don't know. And either you or them is changing over time, sometimes more, sometimes less.

This way a relationship is never linear and you gotta stay on track to making it work because you love yourself & you love your partner.

This is called commitment and is one of the key pillars in working relationships.

Commitment & communication are underrated in every day.

Every one says they are doing it. But they don't actually when I hear their stories in my coachings.

C & c are crucial when one of you or both are changing and the way you relationship changes too.

Even when it is uncomfortable und you feel like you have to do it all the time: talk, otherwise you don't have a chance.

But don't overdo it, act accordingly. Lead by example and let your man follow you.

Balance is key & appreciation of each other & the process.

Love is simple. If your love is complicated, it’s not love.


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