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What challenge are you currently working on?

NLP Technik funktioniert mit riesiger Schlange & Linna

I am currently at the point of a painful growing pains.

I'm allowed to grow in areas where I didn't want to grow, where I didn't realise that this was part of my previous life, that it's now part of it and that it's allowed to go completely.

Now I am ready! I have made myself ready and my 4 men fully support me in this: fiancé, father, 2 brothers!

I have learnt that not all clients who regularly write me positive feedback in private would also publish one publicly or only after asking several times. This will no longer happen from now on. Ask once, a reminder and then I know with all due love and respect. It's ok, but that's just the level.

I may learn that former clients tell me about their successes even 1-2 years later, but no longer follow me or even show any interest in my life. That's an interesting lesson.

I'm learning that so many people have left this year & are still leaving, both digitally and offline, that my heart has a hard time processing it & I continue to coach myself not to take it personally. It works surprisingly well, but it still hurts. It's ok, we're not machines.

I get to learn to continue to be disciplined (which is not the thing, easy, action-doing type, haha) and to believe in myself (that takes more work), to keep at it because "gratification is delayed".

I learnt that other companies that position themselves professionally are impersonal, unprofessional and lack communication & put obstacles in your way because of carelessness. Which only become gold in the course of the process. That takes a moment.

I am allowed to learn that my wedding will not please everyone and that this is not my problem, because I will only get married ONCE this life and that will be one of the most important days of MY life, not of x, y, z's life.

I must learn to keep not falling into the trap of wanting to please, because in the end it's me who falls & I would be incredibly sad. Been there, done that, not doing that anymore! Go baby Linna!

I get to learn, in the midst of all this, to continue to stay in appreciation of my soon-husband and our special, joyful & supportive love & enjoy THAT with him every day, because it's not a given, even though we are naturally there for each other.

I may learn to continue to have patience & appreciation for my family, friends and current clients, because they are here or again or still there & that is also something very special where I can feel honoured to have. Which I do, but it may become even clearer how I want to nurture the individual connections. Each one in its own unique way.

I may learn to live prayer more regularly in my life, not only when I need help or am grateful, but as a fundamental attitude. Do you get the difference, I mean here?

I may learn to love, accept and appreciate myself anew on this next level that I have grown into or am still growing into. I continue to stand by myself and graciously endure the uncertain transitional moments. Thank you to myself too and keep going, as always!

Lovingly L


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