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Stop leading out of entitlement

Most relationships fail because most people, I am witnessing, are behaving like entitled *****.

Too self-conscious, self​-centred, they have all the rights, don’t understand the system of asking questions & favours instead of stating their rights & only their rights & at the same time not setting clear boundaries.

Perfect match for irritated relationships.

Building relationships humanely is easy:

✔️ They have rights

✔️You have rights

✔️ You are your centre

✔️ At the same time you understand this

✔️ is also the case for the other person

✔️ Ask for favours instead of stating rights

✔️ Ask questions instead of telling your rights

✔️ Set your boundaries

✔️ Respect others' boundaries

Very clear, very simple.

Stop being super needy or super self righteous, extremes don’t help anyone & in the least you.

Try sticking to it.

Lovingly L


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