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1:1 Coaching

"Freshly separated and with no professional perspective, I met Linna. I have been coaching with her for a few weeks now and a lot has changed. She opened a very appreciative space for me..."

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1:1 Coaching

„She helped me step by step in formulating and implementing projects in the professional field, depending on what I needed and what helped me to move forward. I can highly recommend Linna! She is a very emphatic person and a great coach ..."


1:1 Coaching

"Constructive, direct, engaging and using different methods - this is how Linna brings me to more self-efficacy and the courage to focus more on the things I want in my life. Thank you for this support!"


1:1 Coaching & Live Programm

Dear Linna,
Thank you for the eye-opening coaching yesterday😍🙏.
I think the most brilliant thing about working with you is that you support and encourage us to recognise and exercise our own self-efficacy when we don't have full access to it ourselves. And that you yourself have taken or are taking all the steps.
Through the session I also feel a deeper peace and confidence in myself.
Thank you for your valuable work Linna❤️
And I wanted to say that we have talked so often about the lack of female role models, and yesterday I thought to myself that if I had to name a female role model, you Linna would definitely be one of them😍🙌 without wanting to idealise you now - for me it is precisely your humanity, which you stand by with all your facets, that makes you a role model from whom I can learn a lot💛.


1:1 Coaching

She always had an open ear for my concerns and always had advice ready when I was looking for one. In the pleasant conversations with her, I questioned the way I spoke to others. This later helped me a lot in preparing for professional meetings. In the process, I unintentionally found out a lot about myself.



1:1 Coaching & Live Programm

I love it. My 1:1 coaching with you and my timeline. It was amazing and I will never forget it. ❤️ It made sooo much difference 😘😘😘😘 I feel incredibly good after our conversation. I am confident and no longer act out of fear of losing him. Quite the opposite and that's what feels so great. You gave me such important input, especially about my own limits. But I still have to let a lot of things sink in because you gave me so much input in the 1:1 hour with you. I definitely want to continue working with you and will get back to you very soon.
What a day. I am happy and full of gratitude. Linna, you are something very special. I already sensed that through our Zoom sessions. But to experience you live is a huge gift. You feel comfortable, safe and held. It's like visiting your best friend and spending time with her: thank you, thank you, thank you for you and your being. You are an absolute enrichment and a jewel. I am happy that you work with me and stand by me when old habits and parts say 'hello' again. But thanks to you, I'm starting to know how to shift that and that a good self-concept is the be-all and end-all. You have a big place in my heart. ❤️🙏🏻 Thank you for YOU. You are my rock. Because of you I was able to work through and change so much and when it gets very intense because the emotions are playing roller coaster, you catch me. You are like a Bepathen in live and colour. I am so incredibly grateful and happy ❤️🙏🏻


1:1 Coaching

Linna's way + her knowledge is worth its weight in gold. I was so positively surprised because I had the feeling that Linna "saw right through" me, she recognised my struggles exactly and guided me reflectively to new insights and completely changed my perspective within a very short time. Thank you! 🤍 (...) you could have said as a small disclaimer that when I book relationship coaching with you, I also book a relationship with my dream man 🤣🤣🤣 (...) I think and know that this is the right thing to do. ) I think and know that these are often still the "after-effects" of our 1:1 session in August and I wanted to say THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart ❤️ yes you will definitely stay in the back of my mind 😍 I also think it's totally cool that you offer the possibility with these individual 1:1 sessions, I actually see that less in the coaching area but love it!


1:1 Coaching 

Oh Linna, I would love to have you feel inside how my own change feels ❤️ it is such a beautiful feeling despite (or maybe because of) all the challenges, how everything falls into place and I am so much myself. I have always been optimistic and positive but I have such feelings of happiness and love my life so much despite all the hurdles I still have ahead of me ❤️ I couldn't put that into words in any feedback in the world 😍 What has happened and what has changed in every level and in all relationships in the last few weeks is just incredible. Everything is always at the right time, we always go at the right pace and, as I said yesterday - even if you claim the opposite - I am sure that you can read minds 😂❤️ and you always find the right balance in everything, and you always find the right balance in everything, feel and go with me exactly as it is right and proper in my life ❤️❤️ And no matter where I am, you pick me up exactly there and go the way with me at exactly the right speed ❤️ Yesterday you actually formulated perfectly what I also feel. It's a mixture of feeling good and growing 🥰 thank you for everything ❤️❤️❤️ it definitely can't be a coincidence that we found each other at this exact time and that I decided to make the Masterclass our 1st experience: 1 😍 that can't be a coincidence at all, because since then everything is exactly right and comes what must come and I find so much to myself, as I would not have thought possible and you are just exactly the perfect companion ❤️ feel such a great connection and you know so much that I do not have to say. I don't think I could grow any more than I have since then ❤️❤️❤️ And with so much great humour 🤭🥰 And so much appreciation and trust ❤️❤️


Live Programm

Your coaching, your reels and your programmes help me a lot to get a bit closer to the solution. I don't think I am with him anymore. I haven't felt so much with me for a long time. But you are right, we both have our issues and I am working on myself and want to move forward. I will definitely still watch your replay from nvc. You help me so much with all your formats and I appreciate them so much! You and your work are so valuable and hits the spot on what matters and the heart of the matter! Thank you a thousand times for being and creating 💛


1:1 Coaching

Linna, I have to write to you again now. One could think you hear what I think and then make posts about it 😂😍 I still have a basic question about your 1:1 coaching.
It's really scary 😂 that when you only see one way, you show alternatives with the corresponding consequences and the topic with intuition and spontaneous feeling. These are both topics that are occupying me at the moment. Thank you, I'll take a look at it then 🥰


1:1 Coaching

First of all, I love your stories. They are really about the only ones I ever try to listen to with sound. Real added value and just brilliant. 😍
Phew, together with your latest post I now have enough input again and know where I can work on myself.
I really have to tell you again that what you are doing here is so valuable. It's simply incredible ♥️ ♥️♥️
Then that's exactly my place 🥰
It's already booked. And I'm soooo happy. I could cry with joy. Totally brilliant.
I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful 1:1 🥰
Simply your way, how naturally you are convinced of what you do and yourself. And don't give a shit what others think about it 👍🥰

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